Companies such as ours are the main engine of the economy, and as such we have a great impact on both society and our environment. That is why we consider ourselves responsible for actively and voluntarily contributing to social, economic and environmental improvement.


The planet belongs to everyone, and that is why we consider that we have to look after it and respect it. At Bugaderia l’Empordà we actively work on introducing measures to maintain our environment as we know it.


We work with plastic that is 100% virgin and therefore, recyclable. We carry out a certified recycling of the plastic and cardboard we use in our activity, and we have introduced different measures to reduce the plastic/kg ratio of our products. In addition, we provide our clients with a container where they can deposit the waste that accompanies our products, and which is collected daily.


In an effort to reduce the steam released into the atmosphere, we have designed an innovative system for reusing the steam that our activity generates. Our closed steam circuit makes use of almost all the steam we generate, which is then used for heating and hot water systems. This system has enabled us to increase the efficiency of the washing section by 70%.


We are equipped with cutting-edge machinery that enables us to reduce water consumption by 50% in the washing section. Before it returns to the public water system, our water passes through an internal wastewater treatment plant, where the greatest pollutants are collected, then through the municipal wastewater treatment plant. This internal wastewater treatment plant is checked monthly to verify the pureness of the water.


We currently have a fleet of 15 lorries and 8 trailers, which are constantly updated. Most of our fleet have Euro 5 and 6 certificates, with which we guarantee more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. This fleet guarantees the deliveries to clients, and collects the generated waste every day.



We strive to be one of the main sources of employment in the region. We are committed to seeking and constantly training new talent to increase our staff. We have improved our employees’ working conditions by acclimatising the various work areas.


We combat discrimination against women in the work environment. For this reason, 47% of the Bugaderia l’Empordà staff are women. We will never permit discrimination of salaries for reasons of sex, religion or nationality.


We provide the means for Workplace Risk Prevention to be built into our structure and management. A prevention plan has been implemented, in which responsibilities and objectives are established, involving all members of the organisation. We strive to motivate, train and involve all staff in improving the system and working conditions.


We consider that the employees are our organisation’s most important asset. We work to make all members feel that they can identify with the company’s values and objectives. For that reason, we have enabled a mailbox where they can contribute proposals and suggestions.


We are located right in the heart of the Baix Empordà. As our name suggests, we are closely linked to the region and its inhabitants. We collaborate in the activities of the region’s various municipalities.

We cooperate with the El Trampolí association, an organisation which helps psychologically disabled people and works to integrate them into society and employment. We also work with schools in different fields in the province, such as the Girona School of Hostelry.

Currently we offer our facilities to Càritas for food storage, as well as to Ralarsa for express car window replacements due to the large hail that La Bisbal d’Empordà suffered.

Paying heed to our clients’ comments is essential for us. We strive to generate continuous feedback to meet all their requests and answer their queries.

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